• boots
    Boots, oil, canvas, 1.3x1.7 m
  • pugdog
    Pugdog, oil, canvas, 1.5x1.9 m
  • once
    Once, oil, canvas, 1.3x1.7 m
  • Macaques and plankton
    Macaques and plankton , oil, canvas, 1.5x1.9 m
  • The Girl on the Crocodile
    The Girl on the Crocodile , oil, canvas, 1.2x1.5 m
  • Fireworks
    Fireworks , oil, canvas, 1.2x1.5 m
Alexandr Morozov

Russia, St. Petersburg

1996 - 2002 St. Petersburg State Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after Ilya Repin; 1999 - 2000 Educational program in Pro Arte Institute,  Practicum New Technology in Contemporary Art, Prof. Alexey Shulgin. St.Petersburg

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