• MR3 lena szczesna 2
    MR_3, marker, pencil, spray on paper, 70x50cm
  • MR6 lena szczesna 2012
    MR_6, marker on paper, 30x42cm
  • MR8 lena szczesna 2012
    MR_8, marker on paper, 30x42cm
  • 1 Lena Szczesna2009
    #1, watercolor, pencil on paper, 105x75cm
  • lis Lena Szczesna2009
    FOX, marker on tracing paper, 70x50cm
  • 60 Lena Szczesna2011
    #60, collage, 30x42c
Lena Szczesna

Polen, Warschau

Graduated from the Graphic and Painting Art Department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz (2006)

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