• PKossakowskiuntitled 1140x1802012oil canvas
    Untitled 1, oil, canvas, 140x180 cm
  • PKossakowskiDERBY140x1802012oil canvas
    Derby, oil, canvas, 140x180 cm
  • PKossakowskiuntitled 2140x1402012oil canvas
    Untitled 2, oil, canvas, 140x140 cm
  • miastoimmanentne150x1302012
    immanent city, oil, canvas, 150x130 cm
  • 3PKossakowskiMMA115x180cm2012
    MMA, oil, canvas, 115x180 cm
Piotr Kossakowski

Polen, Czeladz

Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, Professor Zbigniew Blukacz, Professor Roman Kalarus, diplomas in painting and poster Art 2005; assistant lecturer in Professor Ireneusz Walczak’s Section of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts Katowice, Ph.D. in Art 2009

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