Artaward International 2/11

Devant le Supermarche, Öl, Kohle auf Leinwand, oil, coal on canvas, 164x191 cm, 2011

Au supermarché; Öl, Kohle auf Leinwand, oil, coal on canvas, 164x191 cm, 2011




The works of Kim Corbisier have proven to be successful in the current renewing tendencies of painting – she has developed a unique style,  significant beyond the application of traditional techniques with empty patches of the canvas, rough and purposeful colours and drawings which bear closely upon Kim Corbisiers varied film-making works. Who is observing who and how? Does the artist observe the man in the street? Is it us, the audience observing the works? Does the painter observe the audience? Indeed, everything happens simultaneously on the canvas. The painter choses her theme – in this case it is the surrounding crowd, the street, the zone of the dynamics and action of life…. Brigitta Muladi, Kim Corbisier - Observer, Budapest 2011

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The complex artistic way of seeing the world includes Kim Corbisiers paintings, photos and videos as well as her amateur acting performances (she was the protagonist of György Pálfi’s award-winning movie ’I am not your Friend’ in 2009). In the past few years, Kim Corbisier has painted urban subjects, short stories and everyday conventional situations photographed during her journeys. She does not paint idyllic, perfect scenes or flawless human relations, wanting instead to show the everyday dullness, lack of sympathy and concern, the estranged lonely people in the grey wings. The dynamic atmosphere of her works is strongly determined by her typically ethereal, sketch-like painting style, which is based on a loose aquarelle effect achieved by oil painting.


1985 Belgien - 2012 Budapest
2000-2004 Szechenyi Istvan High School, Dunaujvaros
2004-2005 Eotvos Lorand University, French studies, Budapest
2005-2010 Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Prof. Andras Halasz, Budapest
2008 Fundamenta - Amadeus Artist Prize, Budapest, Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Barcsai Terem, Amadeus Scholarship, Erasmus Scholarship, Marseilles
2010 Kogart FRESH, Diploma Prize, KOGART Gallery,Budapest

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